Kapaa Town
Kauai, Hawaii

These photos are a series of panoramic shots taken January 2000.  The photos start with the east view and continue "clockwise" 360 degrees.  You can also read Kapaa Town Sights while "touring" through the photos.  There are links within the photos below so be sure to move your pointer across the buildings.

Moving Panorama!

Now you can see Kapaa Town in a virtual 360 degree panorama!  The medium-sized file may take awhile to download, but the total wrap-around effect is better than the individual shots below; just wait for the picture to move.  Check it out!  You'll also find further links to panoramas of other parts of town.

Summers Realty
Looking east toward the sunrise. You can see how close the beach and ocean are from Kuhio Highway.

Summers Realty
Looking due south.  Kuhio Highway is at the right.  Roof tops are of businesses along the highway.

South-west view with the First Hawaiian Church in the foreground.  The Sleeping Giant (Mt. Nonou) is in the background.  If you hike the state trail to the top, you'll get a 360 degree view of the Coconut Coast and the plateau behind the mountain.

ABC Store
To the north-west at the upper right is the ABC Store where you'll find many of your daily needs such as snacks, drinks, lotions and medicine.

ABC Store
Looking north, you can see some of the mountain range along the north shore in the background.

Kapaa Beach Park is in the center of town.  The Kauai Police mini-substation and the Kapaa Library are located near the park.

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