Coastal Path Progress

Halloween, 2007
A more finished look to the Path.

Lihi boat ramp bathroom

Entrance to the Waikaea Canal bridge behind Pono Kai Resort

Kapaa Beach Park crossing by the existing bathroom

The section by the soccer field and library is complete

The open bridge over Moikeha Canal

Pavilion behind the Kapaa Neighborhood Center

Path crossing at the County pool

Pavilion behind Otsuka Furniture Store (north edge of town)

Pavilion above the extreme south end of Kealia Beach

Crossing south of Kapaa Stream bridge at Kealia Beach

North of Kealia on the unfinished dirt road, the bridge over Kumukumu Stream is also done except for final hard surfacing and landscaping

Pineapple Dump's pavilion
Note the railing at the end of the walkway to keep people away from the unsafe concrete structure

Even the pavilion overlooking the south end of Donkey Beach is complete

July 30, 2007

In two weeks, much has been done as more concrete was poured.

Kapaa Stream at Kealia Beach - railings almost done.

The connection crossing the street between the swimming pool and neighborhood center is done.

Railings are being installed at Moikeha Canal (between the library and Hotel Coral Reef).

A view showing the "fishing lanai" midway along the bridge.

The poured portion makai of the library.

Grading between the Kapaa Park soccer field and the parking lot.  The chain link fence was moved mauka to accommodate the width of the path and the park will end up with a new fence.

The path was connected to the bridge over Waikaea Canal makai of Pono Kai Resort.

And on the other side at Lihi boat ramp, concrete pads have been poured also for the bathroom and handicap parking stalls.  The crews are working on forms for the "T" portion of the path connecting the bridge and the mauka and makai ends.

July 13, 2007

Starting from the north this time, here is the completed bathroom at the Donkey Beach parking lot and shoreline access trail head.

The new concrete path is being poured from the parking lot, across the street and down the hill.

Concrete is just over half way to the coastal path.

At Kealia, there is a new sidewalk between the pavilions and the path.

Railings are currently being installed at the bridge over Kapaa Stream (the river at the south end of Kealia).

This closeup shows the pattern of the railing representing sugar cane.  Kealia Camp used to be located across Kuhio Highway where the Makee Sugar Mill processed cane harvested from the hills above this area.

Concrete has been poured to the south of the bridge and the bridge appears "open" because the barriers have been removed for the railing installation.

Vinyl fencing is also being installed along sections where the dropoff is very close to the path's edge.

A small section has been completed makai of the Friendship House.  Note the white PVC piping on the dirt.  Sprinkler installation is also continuing northward so that landscaping can grow back along the path.

June 19, 2007

Landscaping is progressing with new, working sprinklers watering the graded edges of the concrete, currently at the south end of Kapaa Beach Park.

Makai of Coral Reef Hotel, the path has been joined to the bridge for a continuous surface.

Concrete pouring was started this morning at the south end of the bridge over Kapaa Stream at Kealia Beach.

The concrete has been poured from the mid-point of the beach, past the lifeguard station, to...

Just short of the sandy roadway leading to the beach and pavilions.

Unfortunately, the new surface was marred, probably before the boulders could be put in place to block out cars.

The bridge over Kumukumu Stream is complete except for its final paved surface.  It's already strong enough to support the weight of construction vehicles and concrete trucks.  This is the mauka view.

The makai view of the bridge better shows the support walls and the landscaping and erosion prevention work.  There hasn't been much rain recently as there doesn't seem to be any water flowing under the bridge.

Work also has begun on the public access path leading from Kuhio Highway down to Donkey Beach.  The path has been scraped and graded and currently boulders are being put in place for water runoff swales.  This photo was taken almost near the top part of the steep grade.

Concrete trucks were pouring the foundation pads for the rest stop overlooking Donkey Beach today as well.

This is the view on the ridge mauka of the Kuna Bay area.  The private land owner (to the right) has fenced along the property line.  This photo was taken approximately where the old sugar cane train used to run along tracks through a cut in the ridge.  The cut was refilled to form the ridge back, so remnants of the tracks are gone.

From the cliffside point at Kuna, this is the southerly view.  The white sand beach in the background is Donkey Beach.

On the north side of the point is this view with the Anahola Mountains in the far left background.

May 31, 2007

During this month, the concrete has been poured from Waikaea Canal to the entrance road of Kapaa Beach Park, and then from Moikeha Canal to the County swimming pool.  They are currently working at Kealia Beach.

The path looks nice behind the K.I.D.S. school where landscaping has begun to bring the grade and grass flush to the edges of the path.

Concrete now meets with the Moikeha Canal bridge makai of Coral Reef Hotel.  No work has been done along the section between the library and Kapaa Beach Park's parking lot (possibly due to future path realignment away from the shoreline).

From that point, the section to the County swimming pool has been completed, including the walkway to the rest stop in the small park makai of the neighborhood community center.

This section is now also complete from the pool northward past Otsuka's store.  This means that there is a continuous, paved path from the pool to the south end of Kealia Beach.

At that end, the concrete is connected to the bridge over Kapaa Stream...

And continues north...

To approximately the halfway point of the beach.

Even the County bus stop will look nice as the forms for a concrete pad are going in.

The new bathroom at the north end of the beach looks painted and almost complete.  Note the shower pedestal to the right.

May 1, 2007
Concrete pour day makai of Pono Kai.

First day of May and the concrete is going down at the north side of the Waikaea Canal bridge.

The pour is NOT to the end of the bridge.  There are reinforcing bars exposed at the connection, so it's possible that this final pour will be with bridge-quality concrete instead of sidewalk-quality material.

April 28, 2007
Back to work and concrete pouring continues.

The bridge at Kumukumu Stream is mostly complete with the soil grading almost flush and level with it.

This is how the new bathroom at Kealia Beach looks at its current construction phase.

The new entrance to Kealia has also been completed with its alignment with the roadway across the highway and left turn lanes in the highway's center.

The lookout's new parking lot expansion has striping and is basically open.  There may be more guard rail installation and landscaping to finish it off.

The concrete pouring behind Otsuka's has been finished to where the future gravel parking lot is by the swimming pool.

Ground grading and leveling has now progressed further south from Kapaa Beach Park, behind the K.I.D.S. School...

...and behind Pono Kai Resort to Waikaea Canal's bridge.

February 11, 2007

The parking lot at the lookout has been paved.  There is an accessible zig-zag concrete walk leading down from there to the path below.  Entry and exit lanes are paved to the highway too, but there are no paint stripings to mark the lanes or the parking stalls.

More concrete has been poured.  This has continued from the portion below the lookout (seen off in the distance) further south to...

...Just makai of the Friendship House (almost to the Kawaihau Road intersection).  Currently a shopping cart marks the end of the concrete pour.

New grading has been done from the Friendship House area to the County swimming pool behind Otsuka's Store.

Photos from 2006